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Noteworthy to attend T&D World 2023

The event will be held in Sacramento, California.

The Noteworthy team will be heading out to Sacramento, California from Sept 12-14 and we'd love to see you there. Find us at booth 709 to discuss how our at-scale data collection and analysis system can help your organization stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving energy landscape.

About T&D World
The electric power industry is undergoing its most significant changes since its inception, driven by the pressing need for energy transition and transformation. Climate change and extreme weather events have wreaked havoc on transmission and distribution grids, emphasizing the urgency to decarbonize and electrify rapidly. This transformation involves not only adapting to physical climate changes but also navigating regulatory, political, economic, technological, and customer-driven shifts. T&D World, a trusted resource for electric utilities for 75 years, introduced T&D World Live as a dynamic platform to address these challenges. Featuring industry experts, this event aims to foster dialogue, innovation, and community-building among utility professionals, providing education, networking, and opportunities for collaboration. Join us in this exciting journey towards a resilient and sustainable energy future at T&D World Live.

Juliet Su

Director, Product Management

Juliet has spend the past 7 years designing and managing technology products, and is responsible for planning and managing the product development process at Noteworthy.

Let's talk about how AI can transform the way you manage the distribution grid

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