We're working to keep the grid energized⚡

We believe that artificial intelligence can help us to significantly increase the reliability, resiliency and safety of the electric grid.

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Noteworthy AI at EPRI Electrification 2022

How we got our start

Wildfires came within a city block of my one-time home in Southern California, where I had been living for nearly a decade. When I found that faulty equipment on an electric distribution pole triggered that particular fire, I was shocked. From that point, our team dug into exactly how that fire started and realized that it could have been prevented. We decided to apply our entrepreneurial know-how to help electric utilities significantly reduce the likelihood that these types of incidents happen in the future.

Noteworthy AI at Distributech 2022

Our values

These are the core principles upon which Noteworthy AI was built, guiding what we do and how we do it. Each of us strives to align with them at all times.

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We are explorers with curious minds. Never accepting the status quo, we strive to find new, improved methods of established business processes by employing cutting-edge technology.

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We are committed to the task at hand - helping to ensure that the electric grid is available for all to use. This requires intense focus, creativity and above all else, commitment, regardless of the challenges we might face along the way.

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We perform our work in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner. After all, who wants to work with someone that they don't trust? No used car salesmen here!

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Let's face it - our work is super challenging - and it takes a team. Living on the bleeding edge of technology requires a collaborative approach to problem solving. Two heads are better than one!

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