Utility pole asset inspection

We're the
platform for the AI era

We're the
platform for the AI era

Mount AI-powered smart cameras on existing fleet vehicles to automatically identify pole defects, inventory components & more.

The challenge

Our dependence on energy distribution grids is rapidly increasing, but so are threats

Exponentially increasing demand, along with extreme weather, wildfires and aging infrastructure threaten the reliability, resiliency and safety of the grid. Unfortunately, managing the grid is increasingly challenging for utilities.

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The status quo

Current methods to evaluate the condition of the grid are manual, labor-intensive and costly

Dedicated vehicles and crews are deployed to manually inspect assets with binoculars, cameras and forms - an extremely labor-intensive and costly process.

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As a result


of poles get evaluated annually

Leading to:

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Increased O&M costs

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Decreased reliability

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Low situational awareness

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Unmitigated risk

Distribution poles

Our solution

We help utilities increase situational awareness while reducing O&M cost with cameras + AI

Our solution, Noteworthy Inspect, helps electric utilities evaluate the condition of the distribution grid at-scale with fleet vehicle-mounted cameras and artificial intelligence software.

Asset inventory
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Noteworthy Inspect

Our solution leverages your existing fleet by combining fully autonomous cameras, AI and cloud software.

Noteworthy inspect camera mounted
Noteworthy Inspect camera system on a truck
Inspect Cloud Explore View
Inspect Cloud Asset Details
Broken crossarms
Double poles

Your existing fleet

We retrofit our autonomous Noteworthy inspect camera systems to your existing fleet. Our platform collects data passively during routine operations.


Our AI software

Our platform monitors, processes and notifies you of equipment defects in real-time. An intuitive web-based UI enables you to create custom annotations to indicate other problem areas and take control over your assets.

Grid intelligence reimagined

With Noteworthy AI you'll have increased visibility into your assets with proactive prevention in place you'll garner situational awareness to improve your grid reliability, resiliency and safety. With upwards of a 75% reduction in operating costs.

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Use Cases

We increase infrastructure intelligence and reliability across field operations

Asset geolocation and inventory
Asset inventory

Automatically geolocate and inventory pole-top assets, digitize asset tags and ratings, identify idle transformers and more.

AI defects split wood
Asset inspection

Detect pole conditions and defects such as crossarm damage, deteriorating pole tops, leaning poles, "double poles" and more.

AI clearance measurements
3rd party / joint use assessments

Identify and track equipment from 3rd party pole attachers. Measure clearances to ensure compliance with NESC requirements.

AI lighting assessments
Lighting assessments

Geolocate and count lighting assets, identify composition (sodium vs LED), digitize wattages, serial numbers and more.

AI vegetation overgrowth
Vegetation overgrowth identification

Quickly identify areas with extensive overgrowth to enable proactive pruning and maintenance procedures to minimize outage risk.

See how utilities are cutting O&M costs and improving power grid reliability with Noteworthy AI

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How we helped FirstEnergy automate inspection of distribution grid assets

Learn how Noteworthy AI leveraged solutions from NVIDIA & Dell Technologies to help FirstEnergy evaluate its distribution network at-scale.

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Increase grid reliability, resiliency & safety

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Designed for distribution

The distribution grid is responsible for over 90% of all service interruptions. Every feature of our product is designed with the goal of making a stronger, more resilient grid.

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Data collection at-scale

Vehicle-mounted smart cameras enable automatic, hands-free data collection during routine operations.

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AI-powered analytics

Our customized machine learning models can help streamline defect detection processes and reduce inspection-related costs.

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Real-time alerts

On-the-edge processing enables immediate notification of asset defects and reduces downstream cloud processing costs.

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Multiple applications

High-resolution imagery capture combined with pseudo-LiDAR allow for a variety of applications including, but limited to: defect detection, vegetation overgrowth, measurements, and more.

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Seamless integrations

Easily import collected data into existing asset management and GIS systems. Alternatively, send data directly to our cloud software for quick and easy review of defects, inventories and more.