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Collect & analyze data on distribution assets at scale

Supplement existing fleet vehicles with proprietary computer vision AI to automatically identify equipment defects, inventory components & more.

The distribution grid is really difficult to manage

There are 185 million electric distribution poles in the United States and they are notoriously difficult to manage. Most utilities struggle to know exactly where their poles are, what’s on them and what condition they are in. The reason is that collecting data on the distribution grid is currently a slow, manual and costly process—often done by sending out dedicated crews and trucks with binoculars, cameras and paper forms. This process is expensive, difficult to scale and doesn’t mitigate risks related to grid reliability, resiliency & safety.


Noteworthy Inspector: faster data collection and analysis, lower O&M costs

Noteworthy AI's solution, Inspector, reduces the need to mobilize dedicated inspection teams and mitigates risk at-scale while reducing cost. The Inspector hardware sensors and AI edge processing arrays mount on existing fleet vehicles to automatically geolocate, inventory and identify defects during routine vehicle operations with virtually no impact on the crew.

Inspector Edge

Inspector Edge

Use existing fleet vehicles to inspect and inventory assets in the field.

Inspector Cloud

Expedite the analysis of asset inspection imagery at a low cost in the Cloud.

Inspector Cloud

Increase the reliability, resilience & safety of the distribution grid


increase in grid coverage


reduction in O&M costs


Enable infrastructure intelligence across a variety of use cases

Inspector can significantly accelerate distribution asset data collection and analysis while reducing O&M costs across multiple use cases.

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