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Inspector Edge

Enhance existing fleet vehicles with AI-enabled smart cameras

Overview & features

Over 90% of power outages occur on the distribution grid. Yet, existing methods of collecting and analyzing data at-scale to mitigate resiliency and safety risks are employed mainly on the transmission grid, not the distribution grid.

Why is this the case? Collecting data on the distribution grid is difficult. Assets are too numerous, are often located in densely populated areas, and aerial views can be obscured by vegetation for three quarters of the year. This means that nascent methods of at-scale data collection, such as piloting drone missions, cannot be easily applied to the distribution grid. The net result is that utilities must perform costly and time-consuming manual data collection that doesn't scale, leaving the grid at risk to weather-related and other adverse events.

Noteworthy Inspector helps to solve this challenge by employing vehicle mounted cameras and AI to help utilities collect and analyze imagery on distribution assets at scale. By mounting on existing utility fleet vehicles and through the use of proprietary computer vision, Inspector can realize cost savings and efficiencies across a variety of use cases including geolocation and GIS clean-up, asset inspections, vegetation management, joint use compliance, and unregulated lighting assessments.

Inspector Edge

Real-time at the edge

Inspector's sensor-rich depth camera and attached hardware device runs its computer vision models at the Edge and sends the results to the Cloud in real-time.

Pole-top asset inventory

On-device AI automatically identifies and inventories pole components such as crossarms, transformers, capacitor banks, lightning arresters & more.

Asset Inventory
Defect Detection

Defect detection

Equipment defects such as leaking capacitor banks, broken lightning arresters and corroded transformers are automatically identified by on-device AI.



  • Identify issues faster & mitigate risk

    Inspector Edge enables faster issue identification which translates into a shorter time-to-action and remediation in the field.

  • Ensure completeness of GIS systems

    Update, enrich and complete existing asset inventories with fresh data collected via Inspector Edge.

  • Reduce cost / O&M

    Reduce the number of grid patrols / truck rolls dedicated to inspection. Inspector Edge is active on all vehicles, all the time.

  • Receive real-time alerts

    Shorten the duration of the inspect-review-remediate cycle through Inspector Edge's real-time alerting of equipment defects.

  • Leverage existing fleet vehicles

    Inspector Edge non-intrusively mounts on fleet vehicles, enabling further value extraction from existing capital investments.

  • Seamlessly integrated with the cloud

    Inspector Edge is fully integrated with our cloud software, Inspector Cloud, enabling quick and easy review of equipment defects and asset inventories.

Seamless review in the cloud

Learn how Inspector Edge can automatically send real-time results to Inspector Cloud for further review and analysis.