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Extreme Weather Events put Pressure on Distribution Grid

Recent analysis by the Associated Press show rising frequency of blackout events.

As a result of climate change, extreme weather events are also on the rise. According to a recent Associated Press analysis, the number of outages tied to severe weather has doubled since the early 2000s, from ~50 annually nationwide to over 100 annually in the last five years. Our aging electric grid is showing its vulnerabilities as blackouts & power outages continue to increase in both frequency and duration.


With over 185 million electric distribution poles in the US alone, the grid is notoriously difficult to manage. It is now more important than ever for utility companies to know where their poles are & what condition they are in.

Noteworthy's solution involves mounting AI-powered cameras on existing utility vehicles. These cameras automatically detect, geolocate & analyze roadside poles during routine operations. Gathering & processing this data is critical to helping these companies understand the state of their assets and subsequently, take preventative action to address problem areas and perform repairs/upgrades where necessary.